Genuine parts

Genuine parts used for replacements must be entirely identical to the components originally installed, and this can only be guaranteed by using Genuine parts.
The use of Genuine parts guarantees continuity of performance, durability and reliability: characteristics that can only be guaranteed if the component is built according to the same design requirements as the original, especially in terms of the selected materials, the processes carried out and the equipment utilised.

In a Genuine part even the smallest detail can make a difference. In fact, the genuine part does not "fit" to the pump, but is born together with the design of your pump.
In order to ensure this, the genuine parts are sourced exclusively from Caprari's main warehouse. This is where the parts are selected to assemble the finished product.
If maintenance or repair work is necessary for your pump, you may contact our Authorised Service Network: only through the official channels you can be assured that the spare part is genuine.
In addition to the possibility of malfunctions and damage, the use of non-original components automatically invalidates any warranty (if available).
We would like to remind you that identifying the exact spare part you require is an essential part of completing a repair: to this end, we provide our customers with SPARES TUTOR, our online spare parts catalogue. After registering - using simple instructions - it will be possible to view (by simply entering the serial or model number) the list of components as well as exploded drawings of the pump or motor.