The quality of the products and the excellence of the services to the customer have always distinguished the Caprari Group. 

Thanks to the experience gained in over seventy years of activity, Caprari is able to provide a highly qualified pre-sales technical service to identify the most suitable pumping solution for the customer application.

Genuine parts &
service network

Caprari is always by its customers’ side, also thanks to its worldwide service network. In fact, through its Authorised Service Centres, the company is able to ensure its customers professional and competent services of the highest levels, with the aim of minimising costs and downtime.

Genuine parts

Genuine parts used for replacements must be entirely identical to the components originally installed, and this can only be guaranteed by using Genuine parts.

The use of Genuine parts guarantees continuity of performance, durability and reliability: characteristics that can only be guaranteed if the component is built according to the same design requirements as the original, especially in terms of the selected materials, the processes carried out and the equipment utilised.

Warranty terms &

When you purchase a Caprari product, you not only receive a reliable, long-lasting, and high performance product, but you’ll also be entitled to take advantage of the guarantees and warranties laid out in the General Conditions of Sale


Caprari periodically offers technical training courses for its own network and customers, in addition to organising high-level seminars led by qualified instructors, aimed at examining specific issues and proposing innovative solutions for high efficiency pumping.

In an effort to increase and standardise product knowledge and maintainability, Caprari has started up a new customised training programme called “PumpPro Academy” developed both for internal staff and the Distribution and Assistance Network.